Summary for English readers

Arjet Borger is a Dutch author. She published four books about sexuality, for children, adults, youth and youth workers. She has also developed a manual for church workers, which explains how to organise three youth evenings about sexuality. 

Arjet studied Health Science at the VU Amsterdam (MSc) and Mensendieck Therapy (BSc). In her work as a therapist she has learned what influences behaviour and how behaviour can be changed. At university she specialized in International Public Health and Prevention and focused on the prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as on sexual health. After working for Siriz and the Access to Medicine Foundation, she founded the Care for Sexuality Foundation. She is regularly asked to give presentations or trainings regarding sexuality, sex education or sexual health.

Arjet wanted to help religious parents and organisations implement a more effective way of speaking about sexuality. For this she has developed a model and has written the (untranslated) book: ‘Lets talk about sex’. In the PDF you’ll find the English Summary. The model she introduces in the book is useful for different kind of organisations, NGO’s and FBO’s. It will increase the effectiveness of the sex education that is given by many organisations.

Although the book is honest and critical, it has been received well in a broad range of religious backgrounds in The Netherlands. The media were positive and the media coverage was extensive.

Talking about sexuality requires a clear choice: listening rather than moralising, informing rather than forbidding. This book’s point of view is a necessary step in order to discuss sexual health in a Christian context.
Peter Leusink – GP, sexuologist NVVS – Dutch Society for Sexology

‘You have something special here – having looked at many English books on sexuality and guidance books for teenage sexuality from a Christian perspective, I have not come across anything which is so sensitively honest, and willing to tackle the tough issues without losing either your faith based values, or the reality young people (and their parents) are facing. I do believe that a slightly adapted version (not so Netherlands specific) will be adding a new, and valuable tool in the hands of Christians leaders who wants to guide parents responsibly to help their children to face and manage their own sexuality in 2014 and beyond.’
Christo Greyling, Director: Faith Partnerships for Development at World Vision

In June 2015 Arjet was asked to speak at the Youth Work Summit in Tunbridge, England, for more than 800 church workers. This is a ten minutes primer about her work. Arjet spoke about how youth workers can speak in a more effective way about sex. "We have made sexuality a religious subject, but it's a human subject." It's not either or, it's both end. You can watch the short movie clip here:


It’s her dream that teenagers and adults, religious and non-religious, will gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to make choices and deal with sexuality in a healthy way. 

Arjet is married and has three daughters.

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